The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win.

– Bobby Knight

Activity does not equal achievement. Success is not a matter of action, but precision. This is the core difference between good and great.

– Tom Coughlin

Make each day your masterpiece.

– John Wooden

Maximize Your Potential

  • Enhance Competitive Performance
  • Discover Techniques for Success
  • Define→Set→Achieve Goals

Welcome to Stone Sports Counseling

Stone Sports Counseling is dedicated to helping professional and amateur athletes maximize their competitive potential. This entails applying sport psychology techniques to enhance performance. In addition, solution-focused therapy strategically addresses challenges to training, practice, and competition.

Why Would An Athlete Seek A Sports Counselor?

The most fundamental reason for seeking a sports counselor is to facilitate improvement. Whether implementing new mental training techniques or overcoming specific blocks to performance, working with a sports counselor strongly increases the likelihood of achieving one’s competitive goals.

What Type of Athletes Seek Sports Counseling?

Two Groups of Athletes:

  1. Athletes possessing a singular focus to maximize their potential and take performance to an elite level. Such individuals are usually looking for a competitive edge to consistently be the best they can be.
  2. Athletes experiencing a major setback (such as injury) or confronting current performance challenges.